Hong Kong to Bangkok

After waking early, too early to go out and about, I ordered a traditional Chinese breakfast. It cost about $30, which is more than I’d normally spend on breakfast and I try to always out locally rather than at hotels…But I’ve never had a meal like this (and it was 5am) so I splurged.

There was a lot of food – an assortment of 5 dim sum, wok fried noodles with bean sprouts and soya, chicken and black mushroom congee, and Chinese tea. The dim sum were delicate and lovely. In particular, the spicy pork bun was scrumptious. The fried noodles were made with the skinny version of noodles for which I have a special fondness. Finally, I had congee for the first time. It is an Asian version of porridge, made from rice boiled until it is super soft and forms a somewhat thick, soupy mixture. It was warm and satisfying and must have been cooked with a broth because it had a deep savory flavor.

Off to the airport via the Airport Express train (AEL), which I highly recommend. It is clean, safe, and an easy ride. I stopped at the IFC building en route where a colleague with Gallo suggested I try the soup dumplings. A few bites was all I could manage, but one word – YUM!

The Hong Kong airport is really rather spectacular and the set up with the AEL is so convenient. You check your luggage at the train station, before you get on the train and it is transferred to the airport for you at no additional charge. Once you get to the airport, there are truly good restaurants and high end shopping galore.

I went biz class on Thai Air, which is 10x’s better than any USAirways first class flight. Plus, on arrival you get to bypass the long visa line for an express lane…well worth it!

Arriving in Bangkok is an entirely different experience than Hong Kong, which is more organized and sophisticated. I’m a little behind on my posts, so stay tuned for a market experience, cheap massages, food finds during which I was the only farang around, and Soi Cowboy for some ping pong action!

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