Travel tips for visiting Hong Kong

Here are a few useful tips for visiting Hong Kong:

1. Do take the Airport Express Train to your hotel. It is cheap, clean, modern, and an all around nice ride. In fact, take the metro everywhere.

2. Only change enough money at the airport to get you to your hotel. The exchange rates there are dreadful.

3. Go to Kowloon, the museums are good (so my friends Bill and Dave proclaimed), you’ll find great street food, shopping, and fantastic views of Hong Kong.

4. Have dinner at a waterfront restaurant in Kowloon and watch the light show across the water.

5. Unless you are at a nice restaurant, most eateries don’t provide napkins so keep a stash with you.

6. Do try a traditional Chinese breakfast of noodles, congee, and tea.

7. If you are in town during New Years or other major celebration, be prepared for many shops and restaurants to be closed.

8. Visit a local market like Wanchai, there’s no better place to experience local culture in action.

9. Always hand and receive items from locals with two hands, not one.

10. Tea is the customary beverage for all occasions. Your teacup will be refilled continually. Leave your cup full if you are finished or place the teapot lid upside down (or open if attached) to signal the waiter for more tea.

11. People in Hong Kong are smartly dressed, so a tshirt and shorts won’t cut it!

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