Chinese New Years Fireworks With New Friends in Hong Kong

Fireworks - Hong Kong New Years!

Lucky girl that I am, I arrived in Hong Kong just in time for the Chinese New Year celebration. Welcoming the year of the Rabbit, the town produces an annual fireworks display that far outdid any I’ve ever seen. Rather than fight the masses on crowded streets, I went up to the Hyatt club lounge and watched them over Victoria Harbour from the 30th floor.

One of the benefits of being preferred with Hyatt is the use of club lounges and I took full advantage. For several hours I sipped champagne (which seems to be a theme for this trip so far), munched on salmon rolls, goose liver pate, stinky cheeses, Thai shrimp balls, katsu, and mango custard – all for free. I highly recommend becoming a frequent guest of Hyatt and enrolling in their Gold Passport program. Once again I reminded myself what a charmed life I lead.

Despite the smog, the fireworks were spectacular as was my company. I met a couple from outside Chicago who were also on holiday. They were absolutely delightful and offered to share their table with me as the lounge had filled up. I think everyone in Hong Kong was out celebrating! It turns out they are also travel junkies and Hyatt groupies so we exchanged tales from around the world. Their fav Hyatt lounge is Macau, mine Bali. They are the kind of guys you would want as friends…funny as all get out, witty, insightful, intriguing….thanks Bill and Dave for making it a great night!

For 23 minutes, the light was ablaze with fiery colors and Kowloon in the background. It was also timed to music, which made it all the more exciting. I can’t seem to get my video converted to Steve Jobs liking, but here’s a YouTube clip of it:

By now jet lag was setting in with full force so I resigned to not join the masses in celebration but rather soak in my lovely suite which had a gilded tub (okay, not really but it felt like it)! Just to end a day of decadence on the right note, I settled into the most comfortable bed, complete with a fluffy down comforter, super soft robe, and a box of chocolates the hotel had left for me. They looked like little oranges or apricots and reminded me of home in Florida. Life is good!

Bangkok, here I come!

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Location:Harbour Rd,,Hong Kong

One thought on “Chinese New Years Fireworks With New Friends in Hong Kong

  1. And if you ever get a chance to have a beverage and conversation with Jennifer, you won’t need a jaw-dropping fireworks display to make it memorable. Thanks for sharing your evening with us (and for your very kind words.) Looking forward to hearing about Bangkok.

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