Flying in the Mountains of Northern Thailand

I spent a morning zip lining and abseiling (after I’d had such an amazing experience doing it in Kauai) in the mountains of northern Thailand. My driver was fascinating. Having spent many years as a monk in Malaysia and Laos, he decided to marry his wife and settle down in his hometown of Chiang Mai.

En route to mountains

I spent two hours with him driving roundtrip, during which time I taught him some English and he taught me about Thailand. It was among the best two hours of my whole trip.

Khamu Village entrance

Once we arrived, I was suited up and ready to fly. The guides were absolutely hilarious and kept me in stitches the whole time. I flew through 34 different stages down a mountain that was stunningly beautiful. My guides started calling me Jennifer Lopez (I think because my ample derriere bubbled out of my harness!) and since I was alone, we had extra time. They spun me around, took pictures of me wide eyed, and even zipped with me a few times. It was an amazing adventure.

Abseiling Free Fall!

I'm Flying!

Abseiling Free Fall


The feeling of flying through the air, arms and legs wide, is unlike anything else. While abseiling (dropping down a rope vertically) there were moments of free fall that must be like bungee jumping. All in all, it was an adrenaline pumping, enormously fun way to spend a few hours.

Lunch with Villagers

Afterwards, the villagers cooked us a lunch that was lovely. Vegetables stir fried, chicken and potato curry, some kind of vegetable in broth, and an omlette unlike any I’ve ever had.

Aussie students in my group

It was fun but I promise there wasn't a 'happy ending!'

On the way home my driver took me to a place where I bought a traditional wok. I’d asked him where I should go and he took the time to take me at no extra cost and even negotiated the rate for me. What a wonderful guy.

How lucky am I to have met such incredible people on my journey?

View of a temple

Information from the zip line company, Jungle Flight:
Situated at our location, Baan Nam Khong, lies a Non-tourist Khamu village at the end of the peaceful village road, which recently ended the populations isolated life. It is ensconced on one of Thailand’s 5th highest mountains, Doi Lungka. The village offers luscious rainforest views and sublime panoramic sunsets, in a climate that remains at a comfortable 18 to 28 Celsius all year round. Baan Nam Khong area is a natural and wild plant gene bank, the wildlife is abundant.

Nam Khong villagers have been growing tea and coffee since they migrated from Laos over 100 years ago. They also collect delicious wild Yang-na Tree Honey from the same giant trees we use for our zip wiring, using their special ancient method. For 100 years, the villagers have helped to conserve our environment by not cutting down big trees for timber

Jungle Flight is dedicated to helping Baan Nam Khong’s villagers improve their livelihoods and environment through our JF Project at BNK.

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Location:Chareonprathet Soi 2,Chang Moi,Thailand

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