Amelia Island, FL – Simply Wonderful

Earlier this year, before I started my new job I took a few weeks off and went on a road trip with the Abster – my goldendoodle.  After a couple weeks with my family I spent a few indulgent days on Amelia Island, FL.  Amelia is a true treasure.  Its laid back, green, dog friendly, home to some very good restaurants, and has beaches full of large shells.

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Located just north of Jacksonville, FL, Amelia is very accesible from the airport and is an easier Florida destination than other more southern locales.

I stayed at the Omni Resort since my extended road trip with Abby required a dog friendly hotel.  It was a beautiful facility with lots of options – biking, kayaking, boating, flying kites, etc.   The rooms were lovely and I had a fantastic view of the ocean.  Not only does this resort have so much to offer, but Amelia and Fernandina in general do as well.  On a previous trip here I went on a horseback excursion along the white sand beaches with Kelly Ranch.  It was a wonderful experience I’ll never forget.

Kelly Ranch Tour

I’ve been to the area several times, but this was my first February visit.  While it was definitely too cold to swim during this trip, I lucked out with the weather.  With a pair of shorts and sweatshirt I was able to walk the beaches for miles on end and collect a huge bag of shells for decorating.  I also spent some time kayaking and biking, which were so peaceful in the off tourist season.

If you’re looking for a place for a peaceful respite with beautiful beaches and you want to bring Fido, Amelia Island is definitely the place to go!

  Year-round temperatures:

High 78   Low 60
High 89   Low 47
High 78   Low 63
High 68   Low 47

Amelia Island Map

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