Lobster Shack – Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Portland, Maine from the air

Over the last few months I’ve been spending a good deal of time near Portland, Maine.  Although I haven’t had any play time, I have taken a few hours out and managed to uncover a few foodie finds.  One such place is the Lobster Shack in Cape Elizabeth.  I accidentally found it one day when determined to take a break, skip lunch, and wiggle my toes in the ocean sand.  What I discovered was joyous.  Cape Elizabeth is about 20 minutes outside of Portland and is home to two lighthouses.  The Lobster Shack is literally at the end of the road, a haven for tourists and locals alike.  In the summer season long lines abound, so go early or in mid afternoon.  A legendary institution, the shack has a building where you order and a few tables. 

Inside the Lobster Shack Lobster Shack Shoreline

Lobster Shack Shoreline


 Most people eat outside, though, either on picnic tables or on along the rocky seashore.  Located at the tip of Cape Elizabeth, the view from the rocks is nothing short of therapeutic.  Sailboats sweep by, leaning ever so far in the wind, large waves spray across the rocks, and massive cargo ships dot the horizon.  But do watch out for the seagulls they will steal your food!

Lobster Roll, Onion Rings, Fried Clams, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

I’ve eaten here twice and loved even more the second time around.  Obviously lobster is the main attraction, but you shouldn’t overlook the fried clams!  They’re wonderfully earthy, moist, yet crunchy with the perfect coating on the outside.  The lobster roll is also good, with buttered bread, huge chunks of meat overflowing, a dollop of mayo, and a pickle slice on top.  I recommend getting the onion rings (hey, if you’re going to be bad you might as well go all out, right?) but skip the lobster stew.  It’s watery, plain, and tasteless – the only less than stellar dish I’ve had here.  To finish out your meal, the homemade strawberry rhubarb pie is to die for – even if you don’t like rhubarb.

When you’re done, stop at the Two Lights State Park, the scenery is breathtaking!

Lobster Shack = 225 Two Lights Road, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107-9515, (207) 799-1677

Two Lights State Park = 7 Tower Drive, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107-9503, (207) 799-5871

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