Noshing on the Eastern Shore

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This week I spent a couple of days in Maryland and Southern Delaware for work.  Of course while getting things done, I found great food and contemplated what adventures I could discover.  It was odd being on the beach with sand and snow nestled next to each other.  Despite that it was cold and blustery, just being near the ocean made me smile.  Somehow the salt air and rushing of waves simply makes my soul happy.

For lunch we stopped at Joss Sushi – a fun little spot tucked in downtown Annapolis, MD.  When you walk in, it looks like a cross between a tiki bar, sushi joint, hole in the wall, and feels altogether like a place you definitely want to hang for a while.  It would have been great to waste the afternoon away with a bit of sake to warm our insides, but alas work called.  Instead we had a variety of fun, new  items for our palate:

Fried shrimp heads – mostly tasted fried, but had a hint of the mustard flavor you get from good crab

Monkfish liver sushi roll – a delightful flavor, not at all like mammal liver. Instead the flavor was more delicate, round in a slightly fatty way, and melted in my mouth.

Tofu skin sushi – somewhat sweet and had an odd texture but was quite good

Toro – okay, this isn’t exactly new to my palate, but it is one of my favs and can’t pass it up!  I then had the beef ramen to warm me up and to reminisce Hamura Saimin in Lihue, HI.

After work was done, we checked into the Hyatt Chesapeake in Cambridge, MD.  Its truly a beautiful hotel, directly on the water, and oh so quiet in the middle of off season.  It felt as if we had the run of the place to ourselves, all for $99 (and they even gave us the fixings for smores!).  

For dinner we went to Bistro Poplar which is just downtown.  It was the last night before they closed for a few weeks.  Even so, it was a beautiful meal.  I can’t say anything we ate was spectacular but it was all well executed and the service was great.

The following morning, I watched the sun rise and was treated to a spectacular view.  It started with sharp reds and pinks and mellowed into yellows and oranges.  Truly sublime.


With it being so cold, outdoor activities weren’t an option….until I debated doing a polar bear plunge.  With no swimsuit or shorts it would have been a little awkward – I’m not so keen on coworkers seeing me in my bra and thong!  So I chickened out.  However, it turns out later this month there is a real plunge being organized for charity.  Its too bad I won’t be there!

During visits past I’ve spent some time at local farmer’s markets (which are worth checking out) and toured a few local breweries.  I really enjoyed the Dogfish Head Brewery tours and tastings.  According to their website, they are also hosting “Pints & Paddles Kayak Trips.”  Right up my alley.  Apparently you kayak out on the Broadkill River (wow-who came up with that name) and do some product testing (or something).  I hope I find my way back there when it is warm this year!

I’d love to hear what great places you might have discovered here for my return trips.

**Next week Portland & Seattle!