Losing & Finding Jen

Until a few years ago, I’ve always been relatively fit and active.  When I was younger I danced ballet for 20 years, lettered in 4 varsity sports each year of high school, and later even did intense boot camps everyday at 5am for a while.  Over the last few years working 70+ hours a week, constant travel, eating out on the road, and generally not taking good care of myself have taken their toll.

While I’ve lost things that meant the world to me, I haven’t lost weight.  Today I’m 40 lbs. heavier than I was when I turned 30.  I can’t believe I just publicly admitted that, but my philosophy of late is to not have any secrets and gradually gaining weight simply can’t continue.

This month I find myself in Oz (slang for Australia), in one place for 5 straight weeks.  I’ve decided there is no time like the present…and the unintended gift of this work assignment abroad is to give myself the opportunity to jump-start getting back into shape.  Being in one spot I can get into a routine and have no excuses for bad choices.

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The reality of my starting point is embarrassingly documented here, in my hotel mirror.  Since I don’t have a scale in my hotel room, I’m just going to judge my progress based on how I feel physically and how tight this outfit feels.  After all, as every woman knows, there is no hiding in a tight pair of jeans and tank top  So what is my strategy?

– Be active every day: biking, swimming, pilates, yoga, ballet, hiking – the activities I love most

– Trade my beloved Louboutin for Cole Haan and walk everywhere (kinda have to since I don’t have a car)Louboutin

– Several times a week go to Cross Fit: the first class a few days ago kicked my butt, but was great and I can’t wait for the next onecrossfit

– Eat healthier: increasing the fiber/veg/protein components and limiting the white stuff (rice, sugar, flour)

– Meditate every day: its been a year of heartbreak and it strikes me I should try to quiet my mind rather than feed my angst dessert….  Hmmm, wonder if I can meditate on dessert?meditate3

Why did I choose Crossfit?
It combines strength with cardio in a time efficient, intense work out. Having reached a stage in my life where time is my most precious resource and more often than not my #1 limiting factor, I was looking for more bang for my minute rather than my buck. It’s also known for being a supportive yet competitive environment, the type of place I usually thrive.  Plus the gym I chose is on a rooftop, and I love scenery.

While I don’t expect miracles overnight, I hope to come back home to the US feeling and looking better than I do today! Stay tuned for updates!

For more information on the Crossfit CBD gym, check out this video or the below reference information:


111 Lonsdale Street Melbourne CBD
+61 0427 966 779