Getting Over Jet Lag in Melbourne, Australia

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Leaving my personal life in shambles at home, I’m off on another Australian adventure.  This time five weeks, jam-packed with work.  Upon arrival I had 24 hours to acclimate to the 14 hour time difference before diving head first into full on work mode.

Having committed the sin of going to sleep at 7:30pm the night I arrived, I of course woke at midnight, unable to sleep.  Fortunately I found a great cure.  In many cities around the world there are bike rental stations peppered here and there.  In Paris they are chrome colored, in Melbourne they are bright blue and impossible to miss.  A Sunday morning two-hour bike ride along the Yarra River was the perfect remedy.

If you are staying in the central business district (which locals call the CBD), a great location to pick your bike up is at the southeast corner of Flinders and St. Kilda, opposite the train station.  From here you can follow the Capitol City Trail that meanders alongside the river, giving you beautiful views of the skyline and the rowing teams.

I recommend taking the trail eastward along Alexandra Avenue, and then turning back to retrace your steps and go towards the Southbank area.  Here you can stop and have a beautiful brunch at any number of places along the water.  Plus, at only $2.75 for the day, it is the best bargain you’ll find in Melbourne.

Ultimately, a good ride to get your blood flowing, beautiful scenery to feed your brain, and a nice place to eat outside are just what the doctor ordered to overcome jet lag.

For step by step instructions of how to rent bikes, click here:

Also, try the Spotcycle phone app to help you as well or the overview website for routes and other info: