Amusing Sights in Australia

One of my favorite things about travel is that you never know what you’ll see.  Invariably you wind up with funny stories and one of kind sightings.  During my first trip to Australia, I ran into a number of amusing and giggle inducing scenes.  Here are a few of my favorites…perhaps they’ll make you chuckle, too!

1.  While en route and still in the airport, I saw this guy who was completely serious when he said he was ‘The Emperor’ and his hammer hand was ‘The Will of the People’…Weirdest one of all!


2.  Surfer Wagon on Phillip Island – the best!  I want one of these!

Surfer Wagon

Surfer Wagon

3.  Newly-wed photos with graffiti – not what I dreamed of for my wedding day but to each their own.  Do they realize the graffiti says once bitten twice shy?!


4.  Sign “Look Under Your Car For Penguins”…not something you see every day


5.  A high end clothing store called ‘Acne’


6.  Beware the rhino on a skateboard?


7.  I’m always visiting retail stores for work….This was in Target – the tv on the wall was showing a video about wearing bras!

_target boo bs

8.  Another fun hippie van or two or four!

van _graffiti van

9.  And my favorite – a sculpture of a heart out in the middle of a field on Phillip Island


As always, I’ll keep collecting these funny shots…one day they’ll make a great coffee table book!

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