Phillip Island Winery, Australia

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I had all of one free afternoon in Melbourne during my first visit.  After a walk through The Nobbies – one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been – I stopped at Phillip Island Winery.  It turned out to be the perfect laid back, interesting place to relax and enjoy the culture of Australia.

I was met at the tasting counter by Gaeten.  He led me through a tasting of the vineyards varietals.  From the refreshing Merlot Rose to the most delicate Pinot Noir and finally a rich Cabernet.  The wine was a delight and so was Gaeten.

Having settled on a glass of the Pinot and a mini platter of the meats and cheese assortment, I sank into one of their cushy chairs and felt the stress of travel, life, and work begin to melt away.  With the sound of a gentle rain pattering on the roof and live acoustic music by owner Tim O’Brien, it was one of those moments of simple contentment that I yearn to have more often.

Tim played his guitar and sang for a couple of hours, some songs that we all know and some he wrote himself.  Two were my favorites, one which he wrote about Melbourne, ‘his sweet companion’ and the other was his rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah – the best I’ve ever heard.  I would go back just to hear him sing that song.

All said, this winery is well worth a visit, even if you find yourself alone and wondering about the countryside on Phillip Island on a rainy day as I did.

414 Berrys Beach Rd  Ventnor VIC 3922
(03) 5956 8465

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