Phillip Island’s Clifftop Boutique Hotel – A Gem I Should Keep to Myself

CLiff top - smith beach sunset

Sunset at Clifftop Boutique Hotel – Smiths Beach

There have been many times in my travels I realize how fortunate I am to have seen so much of the world and find amazing places.  Sometimes I love those places so much, I’m tempted to keep them my secret.  One of those is the Clifftop Boutique Hotel on Phillip Island.

My work trip to Melbourne was unexpectedly extended 6 days.  This meant I was to remain in the city over the weekend when the Grand Prix rolled into town.  The ever so pretentious Grand Hyatt, agreed to accomodate me but was going to increase my rate from $245 to $600/night.  Clearly the demand for rooms was pushing prices sky high and every other hotel was booked.  Knowing my expense report wouldn’t fly at that rate, I had to find a quick plan B for the weekend. 

Phillip Island seemed to call out to me as I was researching my options.  The lure of the ocean, the peace of the countryside, and the thought of spending Saturday surfing or walking along nature trails seemed to be just what I needed.  On top of that, the Clifftop Hotel was well reviewed, met my budget, and most importantly, had an oceanview room free both nights that I was going to be homeless.

Clifftop - view

The Clifftop Boutique Hotel

Upon arrival, I was immediately struck by the scenery.  Perched on a lush green cliff above a beautiful beach ringed by craggy red rocks and perfectly khaki sand, I new immediately it was perfect.  As I entered, I was drawn in by a wall of windows that front the ocean and then greeted by the lovely, smiling face of one of the owners.  She took extraordinary care of me during my stay, booking my activities and meals as well as giving very good guidance about the best of the island.

My Room - Ocean Suite #3

My Room – Ocean Suite #3

My room also did not disappoint.  I fell in love with it right away.  It was what I wish my own beach house  in Florida looked like…Warm but modern, sophisticated yet laid back, and with the most exceptional views. Being here was blissful. 

Clifftop - view from my room

View from my room

Smiths Beach at Clifftop Hotel.  Photo by David Kleinert

Smiths Beach at Clifftop Hotel. Photo by David Kleinert

In addition to the care of the owner and the beauty of the rooms/views, there were other perks.  There is a private path down to the secluded beach, where I felt myself drawn.  When I resisted that pull, the private porch overlooking the water allowed me to soak in the scenery while I worked on my laptop.

Mad Hatter Tea Party Cake

Mad Hatter Tea Party Cake

The other things that made my stay a delight was that Clifftop is a happy place, owned by a beautiful family.  They were having a birthday and the owner, who is an extraordinary cook on top of everything else, made amazing goodies, including a Mad Hatter Tea Party cake.

I can’t adequately give Clifftop its due in words.  It’s a special place that I hope I get to visit again.  If I do, it won’t be soon enough.    Thank you, Clifftop, for a perfect weekend.
If you decide to come, visit their website. They take online bookings as well as have gift certificates if you are looking for a gift for someone special.

1 Marlin St Smiths Beach VIC 3922
(03) 5952 1033

*Please note there was no compensation for this blog review.  The opinions expressed were solely my own and completely heartfelt.

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