Enchanted in Palm Springs, CA

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Last year I had the opportunity to go to Palm Springs, CA twice.  Both times were a bit out of season, in September and October, so it was rather hot and sticky – it is a desert after all.  Fortunately I was joined by great company and indulged in refreshing swims every day.

The first trip was to the La Quinta Resort (a Waldorf Astoria property), which was simply beautiful.  Situated against the backdrop of stunning red mountains, the scenery was breaktaking.  The resort is comprised of casitas (small villas), restaurants, a spa, and conference facilities.

The casitas were lovely complete with fireplaces and a true sense of seclusion.  They are arranged in groups so they form little communities around pools.  Each pool had roughly four to six casitas surrounding it, making it feel like your own private oasis.

The resort itself has a number of restaurants and the food was quite good.  The best thing I had there was the margarita at Adobe Grill.  Honestly, the best margarita I’ve ever had with the perfect blend of tart and sweet, citrus and salt.  Just writing about it makes me crave for one!

My second visit was for work to the Hyatt in downtown Palm Springs – a completely different experience.  It was a very good hotel, convenient to all the attractions and restaurants downtown but lacked the relaxed romance and charming warmth of the LaQuinta.

All in all, I’d recommend going closer to the season (ie winter – November to April).  The rest of the year some of the local attractions are not open and it can be oppressively hot.  Not matter the time of the year, though, I hope I get to return sometime soon, there’s a margarita with my name on it!

Check out LaQuinta, its well worth a visit: http://www.laquintaresort.com/

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