North End Boston – Italian Eateries the Perfect Recipe for Romance

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Several times over the last year and a half I’ve had the opportunity to stroll around the north end of Boston, renowned for its Italian restaurants and waterfront.  The area is a delight to walk with brick sidewalks, flowers in window boxes, and twinkling white lights.  As you wander through the narrow, winding streets, every step takes you past a cafe or bar or restaurant that looks even more fun than the last.

I had the pleasure to eat at several places, but the one we went to for my birthday was particularly lovely.  Bricco was the perfect blend of exceptional food and good atmosphere.  We had Mionetto Prosecco (because I have a weakness for bubbly) and ordered the specials of the evening.  The service was perfect – they took good care of us without being intrusive, and everything we ordered was wonderful.  On top of that, the side bar was a great place to have an after dinner drink., 241 Hanover St.

If you’re planning an anniversary, birthday, or even just a first date, the North End is a great place to go in Boston.

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