Park Hyatt Beaver Creek – Winter Wonderland

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Every year I go somewhere for my birthday and this year I opted for a skiing vacation in Beaver Creek, CO.  It started out not as intended, but in the end I had such a fabulous time I can’t wait to go back.  As I often do, I stayed at Hyatt and it didn’t disappoint.

The Park Hyatt Beaver Creek was hands down the best hotel in terms of service I’ve been to in a long time (better than several Ritz properties for example).  I chose Beaver Creek because of its general proximity to Denver, mix of amenities, and I’ve already spent some time at Vail.

Skiing in Beaver Creek, CO

Right away I was struck by the simple beauty of the mountain covered in snow and the relative ease with which I settled in as if I were home.  The Park Hyatt Beaver Creek is simply cozy.  The fireplace in the living room-esque lobby is inviting and a comfort after a long day of skiing – as were the outdoor hot tubs with waterfalls surrounded by snow.

Park Hyatt hot tub

Relaxing after a long day of skiing

Overall, I’d recommend Beaver Creek, but I do think Vail is a notch above.  The green and blues at Beaver Creek I felt were inferior (for those of us who are not expert skiers) as was the shopping.  I did have the good fortune to be there the week the World Cup competition was moved at the last minute from France to Beaver Creek.  It surely did not hurt to be surrounded by such talent and having had the opportunity to met some of the athletes (lunch with some of the Italians, hot tub with the Americans, and the Austrians stayed in rooms on my hall), I have a newfound respect for their dedication to their craft.

In all, Beaver Creek is well worth a visit and early December is a great time to go, especially before the holiday crowds strike.

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