Chiang Mai Markets

The two most famous markets in Chiang Mai were within walking distance from my residence, the Galare Guest House. They are Warorot daytime market, and the Night Bazaar.

Pork Skins - Just Like Home

Mounds of Fried Meats

Fruit Stands Everywhere

Meat Stalls - with everything you could imagine!

Dried Fish Vendors

Market Hall

The daytime market has everything you can imagine, produce, flowers, seafood, meat, textiles galore, trinkets, clothes, shoes, and lots of junk! I spent several hours wandering around, getting lost. My favorite area is just outside of the market, along Tha Phae (the main street before the market) where there are lots of shops with items from hilltribes, jewelry, silks, antiques, and clothes. Once you get into the main areas, there is a lot of stuff that instantly reminds me of ‘made in China’ but if you look closely, there are some amazing things to be had….handmade bags, local silks and textiles, artisan silver.

Night Bazaar - so much fun!

Streets alive at night market

The Night Bazaar was the best market I’ve been to in Thailand. It was extraordinary. There were lots of trinkets and silks, which became repetitive, but the atmosphere was infectious. The streets were lit with twinkling lights, people are full of energy and smiling, the food section has better food than I’ve gotten in some Michelin starred restaurants, there are fish pedicure spas out in the open, outdoor massage areas, an area with tourists and Thais alike wandering about. This is what a market should be….I wish there were something like it at home. I’d never go to a mall or grocery store again! Oops, don’t tell anyone since I actually work for a grocery chain.

Chiang Mai has so much to offer, if you are considering a trip to Thailand, cut your time in Bangkok short and come here, you won’t be sorry!

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Location:Chareonprathet Soi 2,Chang Moi,Thailand

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