Holiday Happenings

Happy New Year!

This new year morning was spent reminiscing on the last year and dreaming of what fun adventure and changes I’ll  create in the next 36.  I decided to start with a recreation of Java Kai’s breakfasts in Hanalei.  I made mango, macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup.  I made the syrup with a preserved coconut product I bought in Hawaii.  I met the lady who created it while at one of the farmers markets and it is fantastic stuff.  She has recipes for coconut tapioca, pina coladas, haupia (a Hawaiian dessert), and others.  I even put it in my coffee as a substitute for sugar and cream.

Sipping on my slightly sweet coconut flavored coffee, crunching on macadamias in my pancakes brought me back to the mornings I spent on the porch of Java Kai.  I’m listening to a lowcountry band called The Bushels – fantastic soul, blues, country, bluegrass inspired. What a way to start the year!

(Checkout their song Someday at

While I don’t have anything as exciting planned as I did then, the Abster (puppy) and I are heading to the Olympic Whitewater Center for a flatwater kayak romp.

We are lucky to have mid 60-something temperatures here today! If you haven’t been to the whitewater center, you should check it out. They have flatwater kayaking, whitewater kayaking and rafting, climbing wall, adventure course, zip line, and lots more. In fact, there is even a surprisingly good restaurant and lots of places all around to sit in Adirondack chairs if you just wanted to watch others. We’re lucky to have such a great spot in Charlotte, check it out while winter gives us a break!

I’d love to hear about what you are doing this New Year day, leave a comment!

Abby and I kayaking

4 thoughts on “Holiday Happenings

  1. WOW…Breakfast sounds wonderful! Very cool that you re-created what you enjoyed from your trip.

    So cute picture of you and Abbydoodle! Have fun today!!!

  2. Love this blog! The photos are beautiful!
    P.S. Still thinking about that delicious Butter Chicken! I ordered the spice mix off of!

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